Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Turn

So, if your friends climbed on the table, would you? Apparently Allie says "Yes, I would and Yes, I did!". After watching them for months get caught climbing on the table; Allie finally did it, too. The teachers just had to grab a picture for me (thank you!!)

Allie is doing wonderfully at school. According to her teacher, Ms. LaKeitha, her table manners are wonderful. She is clearing her plate (and not throwing it on the floor like she does for us) and asking for more, too. She has a new place mat that helps her ask for what she wants and gives her a place to set her drink (unlike at home where Throwing is the method of choice). She is doing awesome! Today, Ms. LaKeitha put a few extra crackers on Allie's placemat in the "More" section. A little friend tried to come help himself to the tasty treat. I was told that Allie covered up her crackers by patting them and then signed "No" and "More" to her friend. I think she didn't feel like sharing today.

Way to go, Allie, tell it like it is.

(I promise - we will work on sharing, but she is "talking" and eating, so I must celebrate!)

Allie is pulling up to stand everywhere. All over the house and all over the classroom and out on the playground as well. When I dropped her off at school today, I snapped a few pictures of her standing next to the bookshelf. She was so proud of herself and it was clear she was showing off.

Allie's teachers grabbed these cute pictures of her and her friends playing with their hard hats. School is so much fun... and Allie seems to have a lot of friends. When we drop her off we hear how a lot of her classmates - current and previous "talk" about Allie at home. When we get to the classroom we hear "awwiee....awwieee". It is so cute!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Allie! ... Keep climbing and protect those crackers ... unless you're going to share them with me!
LOVE, Grandpa