Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Update

News Flash.... Allie ATE Chocolate!

Yes, she ate a couple M&M's. She made faces like it was "yucky", but then proceeded to continue to try to eat what she spit out. As most of you know, Allie's Mom (me) is a certifiable Choco-holic. Been that way since birth. For Allie, it is going to be an acquired taste and hopefully she never gets the hang of it like I did (for her sake). But, it was fun to watch her eat the candy. And... since candy of any kind doesn't really thrill her yet, what was in her eggs that we hid for her? Crackers and Cookies - that she proceeded to share with her dog-brother, Nicky. She is a very sharing little girl.

Here is Allie in her Easter Sunday Finest:

Have a wonderful Easter!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My darling Easter Allie ... I love your dress. With me being in the CHOCOLATE business for decades I guess the flavor of CHOCOLATE comes naturally for you. We'll eat some together!

We are glad that you, Nicky, Mom & Dad had such a fun Easter.

Love, Grandpa