Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You grow, girl!

Thanks, Nurse Cyndi!

Clearly, some of the food I eat actually gets
into my tummy!

Look! I have a belly now!!!!

You all know we have struggled with weight gain. It seems like
as we start to gain, we get a virus or a cold or something that
causes the scales to go back down. Today we weighed in at
19 pounds at school - which, is often slightly higher than
the doc's office, but the highest weight we have had so far.
So... we are celebrating!

Oh... and watch out.. your "Lil' Allie" is close to walking...
I'll try to get you a video, but she will be walking
before you know it... Go, Allie... Go! (after you eat some more).


Jenn said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Allie ... You're now 19 pounds! ... Terrific! ... Keep eating! ... Let's eat (sweets!) together! We have something in common; add a zero to your weight and it's close to mine.
Love, Grandpa

Peeperspage said...

Yeah Allie for almost walking and gaining weight!!! What great news. Keep up the good work.