Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Hello everyone! I can't believe it has been a month since I've updated this blog. I'm going to have to really work harder at keeping pictures uploaded for you. So, tonight, I decided to just jump out here for a moment. First of all, let me say Happy Father's Day to MY Dad and Allie's Grandpa. We love you and wish we could have spent the day with you.

And, of course, Happy Daddy's Day to Allie's Daddy - a/k/a The Best Daddy in the world. Allie is truly a Daddy's girl. She loves to sign Daddy and she says DaDa. She gets so excited when she sees him and he is the same with her. It is a very sweet and cute relationship!

This weekend we did what we typically do on weekends, grab some fun when we can, run errands (only because it seems we have to) and just hang out as a family. We enjoy this time the most. Here are some pictures of Allie from this weekend. I'll do my best to go back and upload some pictures that you missed during the last month. But, for now, I figured any picture is better than none, and more current pictures are probably preferred.

Also, the Tinkerbell you see is really Allie (surprise, right?). After her bath tonight, she found the costume I had placed on her bed in one of my many attempts to reorganize her room. I had bought it right after last Halloween and was hoping it might fit for this Halloween. It fits perfectly now and she played in it and had fun. So, we took pictures and just had a good time. One of her favorite things to do is to stand on the recliner (everyone let's their kids do this, right?) and I count, One... Two... Three and then Go and she slides down it. If I don't sign and say Go, she won't go. It is a game and she likes to go in order. So, you will see her trying to count and tell me to go (to sign "go", use both of your pointers and point in the direction where you want to go).

Have a wonderful week and thanks for sticking with me as I slack on the blog!

Love and kisses from Allie and her family.
P.S. Happy Father's Day to ALL the Daddies out there.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: I like your Father's Day dress. All of your pictures are wonderful. Mommy tells us so many wonderful stories about you and what you are accomplishing. We hope to see you again soon on Logitech We can hardly wait to visit you again.
Love, Grandpa