Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Glimpse of Down Time with Allie

A few snapshots and videos of a glimpse into hang out time with Allie. As you know, Allie seems to love toys. All toys, really. Blocks, puzzles, books and lately Dolls are really big with her. A couple months ago she found my - very worn and true to their names - Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. Poor Andy seems to be her favorite and she likes to grab him by the hair - which he was already losing and years ago reverted to a comb over. In fact, poor Andy had to have some reconstructive surgery (as did Ann, but it isn't as noticeable). Andy had a run in with one of my prior 4 legged puppies. Luckily, Allie's Granma saved the day - years before Allie came along and operated on both Raggedy Ann and Andy and gave them new life for the someday little girl that might happen to play with them like I did when I was young. Allie found them and seems rather taken with them. I admit, I'm not sure what I'll do when she asks to take them in public as they are clearly worn and probably date her mother way too much. But, you know... Allie will probably win if she gives me one of those Allie looks that I love and cave into.

Allie loves her Signing Time DVDs and luckily with today's technology, she can watch mini versions on the Signing Time Application. She takes pretty good care of the iPhone when she has it, but it also has a really nice case to protect it. (I highly recommend the Otterbox - it has been dropped, thrown, and bumped onto all surfaces and from a variety of heights). We are really fortunate with the things that are available to parents these days. We are not the only parents that calm a tired and rambunctious 2 year old at a restaurant with a DVD, game application or other similar items. It is amazing how quiet these tikes get when you let them watch their favorite shows.

Allie loves music - it seems of all kinds. I think she will be forced to like Rock and Roll the best as it seems to run in her blood. In fact, I can often recall when I was pregnant with her that she would move a lot more when I was in the car playing rock and roll. But, rest assured, she got a lot of Mozart, Bach and the rest, too. It's why she is brilliant, you know.

Allie also loves to dance (she sways and wiggles, of course), jump (she kicks those legs like a wonder-girl), giggle, freeze (a/k/a stop and pretend you can't move at all - although, she often moves part of her body while doing it. hahaha), and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. When crawling, she is extremely fast. If you are ever with her and think you can take a moment to see what she will do before you go get her - be prepared to have to run. It is funny we sometimes forget and she gets a huge head start.

Bedtime = playtime. Okay, seriously, we just play before bedtime. Night time bedtime is rather easy for Allie. We have a good routine (yes, she gets at least one DVD or she literally hounds us about it) and we read books, take baths, play with toys, whatever we are in the mood to do. And, of course, I capture some of them with videos or pictures. Which is why she is often in PJ's. Daytime naps are not so easy. It seems she knows we are going to be doing things. She can literally fight a nap for hours - despite attempting to follow the same get up, play, eat and rest routine she does at school. I have even tried the same music and nap mat. But, she can fight it. She will look exhausted - red eyes, rubbing at them, sucking fingers, etc and she will get silly and wake back up. Today for example, while rocking with her and helping her fall asleep, she was almost out when she decided it would be funny to put her foot to my nose. Of course, Mommy likes to play, too, so we played a bit about stinky feet. Then, got her calmed down and I thought she was asleep, only to find her standing in her crib talking to the fan (okay, maybe not talking to it, but clearly wanting to pull on the string). She has so much energy, drive and ability. It is so much fun to watch!

These are examples of a really tired girl at naptime and/or bedtime. Hard to see the exhaustion sometimes, but put her in the rocking chair or a dark quiet room and boom... half asleep in a moment.

This first video shows a little bit of Allie's personality and sense of humor. She has recently gotten into the habit of shaking her head up and down appropriately for "Yes" and it is DARN cute! Right before this video, I asked her if she wanted more cereal, she shook her head. I grabbed the camera and asked again and this is what I get. Now, a few notes about sign language - making your hand into a fist and shaking it -like you would your head - is "yes". Taking your first two fingers and touching your thumb - is "no". Waving your open hand in front of your arm is "movie" (Allie's favorite thing to request). So, get a glimpse of Allie messing with her Mommy.

Allie loves the mirror. This night before bed, she just calmly played - eventually went and got Raggedy Andy and watched him sit in all the same spots she did and watched him in the mirror as she maneuvered him.

Allie has discovered mobility and the joy it can bring. Push toys really aren't much fun until you can push them around. She is very good at it and probably doesn't realize she really doesn't need them to stand and walk, but it sure does help. Watch out for when she does realize have the ability to walk without it... we think we are tired now, right?

Thanks for glimpsing at the girl in action!


Jenn said...

She is just the sweetest!

Anonymous said...

Wow Allie! Standing up and pushing your toy all by yoursself!!! I am so proud of you. We will be so glad to see you do all your STUFF ib person. Can't wait to see you. Love you lil Allie princess. Granma

Anonymous said...

Wow Allie! You have learned so much. It was exciting seeing you climb up and push your toy all by yourself. You are a marvel miracle!! I will be waiting to see you do these things in person. Have a great night and week. Love you lil Allie, Granma