Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swim Day x 2

Allie had a lot of fun today at school with Water Play Day. While I don't have pictures of Water Play Day at school (yet?); I know she had fun and I was able to snap a picture or two and a video before she began her school day.

Allie absolutely loves the water. She loves to stand and kick her leg - usually her right leg and make lots of water splash everywhere. The neighbors, Kaylee and Hannah got a kick out of this when they allowed Allie to swim with them today. And, considering it was very hot again today 100+, the water was wonderful for all. Except for mid afternoon before we joined them... the sun had made the water just too hot to get in.

Allie splashing the girls by kicking her legs
and holding onto the side of the pool

Gotta blow kisses. That's my sweet Allie.

Allie has a funny crawl sometimes. I call it her "spider" crawl. Go ahead... watch it and try to tell me it doesn't look like a spider. She is really super fast with the spider crawl, too.

This video gives you a slight idea of our silly Allie girl. She is always entertaining us and doing fun things. Don't miss the one legged kick. Its funny, Allie will play in front of the mirror - with her "twin" I say and practice all sorts of body movements and signs. One day I saw she was doing leg lifts in preparation for walking. Given what I know about Allie - it wouldn't surprise me in the least!

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Anonymous said...

Can I got swimming with you Allie?
Maybe we can see some pretty fish in the bottom of the pool. If you see a shark let me know! Grandpa already had a shark scare once. Love, Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Allie, what's that racing/crawling across the floor? I think I'll call you 'bouncing bug'. Love, Grandpa