Friday, July 23, 2010

Happiness is a new doll

Allie's best bud, Kaylee, from next door gave her this doll the other day; and Allie really seems to like this new doll.

Allie has enjoyed her dolls for a while now. She also signs doll (take your pointer finger, bend it a little and rub your nose). But, this doll seems to have gotten her attention quickly. Not necessarily more than the others, but in a different way. For example, despite trying to throw it as soon as Kaylee gave it to her, she has kept a good watch on it. As soon as we got in the house, she took it over to her doll high chair and proceeded to put it in the chair. When I asked her if the doll was thirsty, she maneuvered over to the refrigerator and got out the toy juice cup and toy milk bottle. She continued to play as you can see in the video at the end of this post.

That night we were rocking in her chair and she threw poor doll over. This is not unusual and Allie looked over at the doll - also, not unusual. What was unusual was she just HAD to get out of my arms and got onto the floor and went to the doll and began to try to stuff it into the crib. When I put Allie in the crib with her doll, (whom I seem to want to call Kaycee for some reason) she then moved her all around the crib - on a pillow, off a pillow, with a blanket, etc. Allie even signed she was thirsty for milk and when I gave it to her, she immediately tried to feed this doll. Then, she stuck the doll on one side of the crib on top of a pillow, face down, bottom in the air. I thought that was funny and then Allie turned and went to the opposite side of the crib on the other pillow and positioned herself in the same way. It was adorable. And, I, being the Mommy that I am put a silky blanket over Allie and a much tinier silky blanket over Kaycee, our new doll.

I love being Allie's Mom!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: I remember when your Mom got Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy.
They have gotten over 40 years older, but they, like your Mom, haven't seemed to age at all.
Love, Grandpa