Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Help Needed

No "Help" necessary, Little Allie.

You are on your way to being the next monkey... oh wait... I mean, little girl who climbs and slides and swings from it all. You seem to have no fear and very rarely run out of energy. I'm excited you will be walking soon, but honestly... I'm more than a bit nervous, too. I know our lives are going to change quite a bit. Not to mention poor little Nicky - her puppy dog- he has no clue what is about to happen.

Allie loves the table we've placed in the living room for her. We were in the process of finding the right table for her to do her puzzles and read books and color and all those fun things when it occurred to us, the "outside" table can work inside until I can decide which table is the best for her. She loves it. The first week we had it inside, she couldn't sit down by herself or get off of it, but she enjoyed sitting at it for snacking, movie watching and reading books. By the end of the week, she had mastered it and would climb up to the bench to sit down, get up, sit down, get up, and would continue doing this for a while. Then, within the next week, she discovered how to climb on top and back down over and over again. She knows we will tell her to get down, so she crouches down when she hears us start to say ... "Allie...." soon she will hear

"Allison Bailey Lovell! Please get down from there!"

Just wanted to give you a few pictures of our little monkey as she climbs around.

Oh and yes! The question of "what do you see in the last video" was answered correctly by Debbie - Kristi's Mom. Allie has come so far in her pretending that we are completely impressed. Especially since I rarely cook and almost never lick the shovel ;-). But, the other thing that really impressed me was her 2 handed control. We have worked on this for months and months. She has been getting better, but this evening as I sat down to play with her it hit me how much control she now demonstrates and used both hands like a pro. For all you with typical children, you might not even have noticed this passing skill. But, after working on it with Patti, her wonderful OT, for such a long time... it is very major and I'm very proud of our little girl.

Good night everyone, signs Allie... It is time for "Bed".

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. I'll try to post at least once this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Table Climber, you sure do a good job getting up and down. How long until you drive Mommy & Daddy crazy climbing up to and on counters, etc? You are the sweetest little girl Allie!
Love, Grandpa

Anonymous said...

I love your look in your red & white bonnet. Saying 'Bye' is cute! Are Mommy’s blog smiles (with a semi-colon- ;-) a tear of joy and pride? We’re proud of you working on developing strong tummy/stand up muscles. Wow!, you’re really doing that walker. Soon you’ll be driving Nascar! …
& we’ll all be cheering you on!

We’re glad you get such a good Report Card from school! … and
I think you are standing over Minnie, so tell that to Mom! We love your videos & pictures! … keep ‘em coming! I’m glad you are such a good ‘policewoman’ and keep control of those rowdy boys in your classroom.

I can’t imagine how you keep learning new words, now up to 150 to 200. I’m 76 years old and don’t know that many words! Will you teach me some when we come? The cell phone pictures Mom sent of you in the pool and at the park are great. We share them with others.

I hope we can play in your pool and with you at the park.
LOVE, Grandpa