Sunday, July 11, 2010

Possible Career?

The little lady in her happy little kitchen.

Allie got a surprise this weekend when we remodeled her play area and she got a new kitchen! (Yes, Mom is jealous as you know I have been needing a new kitchen for a while now). Allie really seemed to enjoy it. Jumped right in to get milk and juice for her baby doll and quickly got the hang of stirring all the "food" and opening all the doors. Next morning, Allie woke right up and went in to begin preparing breakfast. I think this could be a win-win situation if she decides she loves to cook.

By the way... did you notice Allie "standing"? Yes... we are SO close. She is currently only slightly leaning on anything that will allow her to do so and near standing. We also have some new foot braces that help give her stability and despite having them on most of the weekend, I somehow managed to get pictures of her not wearing them. I'll do another post explaining and displaying our new "boots". The pretty dress is also a new gift from Aunt Maureen... it fits perfectly as you can tell from this trying on session. We are going to get all dolled up and wear it and the other one. And... from a play session on our scale, we think Lil Bit may be right at the 20 pound mark!


Auntie Moe Moe said...

The dress looks great. what a pretty girl you are Allie!!
Love you!! Auntie Moe Moe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: You look so ‘stand-upish’ next to your beautiful new kitchen. Are you ready to walk soon? I am looking forward to your cooking some meals for me. Granma has a ton of great recipes to share with you. I know Mom will appreciate your help in the kitchen. I hope to see you soon. Love, Grandpa Hugh

Anonymous said...

How wonderful Allie. You look like a very good mommie to your baby dolls. Keep learning all you can about cooking and you can make G'pa something tasty like pudding when we come down there.

We are so proud of you, standing up tall, WOW. Keep growing sweetie and we look forward to playing with you. Love, Granma