Friday, July 16, 2010


Tim and Allie - a perfect pair

It has been a very busy couple months for us. Nothing major going on (at least nothing I can think of off hand unless I've 'blocked' it all), just day in and day out with a very active 2 1/2 year old. We are having a blast and as you might imagine we thank God every day for our miracle baby. She is keeping us on our toys and makes us laugh and love a little more every day. She is truly a blessing and we couldn't be happier - or more tired these days - with very active little Allie.

Over the past couple months, I had taken pictures of things I specifically wanted to post on the blog, but time got away from me and the pictures got filed. So, now I want to go back to the beginning of April and show you some pictures. The one at the top was taken on Easter and is one of my fav recent pictures of Tim and Allie. Bonnie took the picture and we had a wonderful time at her house celebrating Easter and we had a fantastic Easter Egg hunt. Allie finally got the hang of it right when we found the last - somewhat obviously hidden egg. One of my fondest moments of the Easter Egg hunt was finding a "golden" egg and getting Allie to discover it and pick it up. Then, she was so excited she laughed and threw the egg; which was promptly found again by a very excited only slightly older boy. It was fun and I was so glad she didn't want the egg back.
Teaching about looking for eggs; posing for pictures;

Playing with the cool grass; having lots of fun

Allie also had fun at her classmate, MM's 2nd birthday party.Do I have a picture of the birthday girl? Of course not. But, we had fun and discovered a wonderful park we didn't know about. Happy Belated birthday MM! We have also really enjoyed going to birthday parties. That is one of the hidden joys about being a parent. Unfortunately, another hidden - not-so-joy is when your child gets sick and can't go to the party. We missed several this year and were pretty sad about it.
That's it for now... more April, May, June and July pictures coming up soon.


Anonymous said...

Dear Allie:

I really like your picture with Daddy. You sure make him look his best just sitting by him.

We always love your stories and were glad to hear - and see - about the Easter Egg hunt, and the birthday parties.

Love you much! … Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Allie, with those bunny ears on you, and with the picture of Nicky’s ears, you might be twins!

Love, Grandpa