Sunday, August 15, 2010

Allie and Her Summer Break

Allie had a full week off before starting in her new classroom - the Grasshopper Room. And, while I plan to post an entry about each activity, I realize many of you would just ask me to post something. So, here is a brief synopsis of my week with Allie as she transitioned from a Sunshine Girl to a Grasshopper.

We started the week right after school on Friday with a trip to Allie's first Minor League Baseball game, The Baron's. I have no clue what the score was as I've learned when you are there with 2 year olds it is really all about moving around and eating. I've also been reminded that Alabama does NOT ever cool off at night - at least not in the summer. So, we were all way too hot to get pictures of the adults. But, Allie and her buddy, Ethan photographed well. We also saw our friend Edie and her parents, too. It was a great kickoff to the week.

Allie's friend, Jack's Mom had a pool party to celebrate the end of the year and we went to that as well. Allie had a blast swimming and learning to "jump" into the water.

Another fun thing we did was meet with Ethan and his Mommy, Holly, at the McWane Science Center where we met some members of the Allie Fan Club (and because this is two weeks later I've forgotten their names - please post a comment so I remember, okay). That was rather exciting for us. We also met Mr. Potato Head, too. :-)

We also met up with our new friend, Ana, and we both tested out SplashPad together. It was a lot of fun meeting with Ana, Zoe and their Mom, Gina. We can't wait to get together again. The girls really enjoyed splashing and then they took in a Signing Time DVD before Ana took a nap and Allie made a mess of lunch.

We concluded the week with a girls getaway to scrapbook, play and giggle. Allie somehow had her foot died blue (who would do such a thing??) and she and her Aunt Shea created quite a fuss over their new trick and would do it on demand for us. And, as always, Allie was treated like one of the girls and included in everything - even the matching way cool shirts.

More to come on all of this - but, now you are slightly updated and you get a glimpse of our girl.
Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Dear Allie:

You sure had a full and fun weekend! We hope you didn't 'burn yourself out' and still have some energy for Granma & I on our visit with you next weekend. Arriving Friday it's only 5 more days, and we may even get there before your bedtime Thursday night - and that would make it only 4 days. Count the days down with Mom & Dad.

We are SO VERY ANXIOUS to see, hold & play with you, go on your Saturday DS outing at the zoo, eat ice cream and have lots of fun.

Love, Grandpa

Anonymous said...

We are all so in love with our Allie! She amazes me! :) Love you, Al... your Aunt Leah

Sandy Lovell said...

Thanks, Leah! Allie has been asking us about a timeline toward our next visit. She is quite the planner it seems. Let's check our calendars!

Grandpa and Granma are out getting Allie ice cream right now. She is loving her spoiling time (you all know she doesn't get it when they aren't here, right?)

Christy said...

MISS YOU ALLIE! Hope to see you soon! Kiersten says "HEY!"
Love, Christy and Kiersten Pierce