Friday, August 27, 2010

Visiting Great Grandmother

I'm embarrassed to say that these wonderful pictures were taken back in May. I know... this poor blog is getting so outdated. I really am trying to work on it, but chronological order is not going to probably happen all of the time now.

Anyway, in May, Vicky came to visit her Aunt Fay, which is, of course, Allie's Great Grandmother - Tim's Grandmother. Allie and I were able to stop by and show off some of Allie's bike riding abilities and to visit for a while. It is always fun to see relatives and Vicky hadn't had the opportunity to meet Allie yet, so that was a treat. Visiting Grandmother does not happen as much as we wish it could, so when we are able to stop in and spend a few minutes, we truly enjoy the opportunity.

Allie enjoyed her hat - for a little while. I think she knows when she is darn cute.
Thank you Vicky, for visiting and letting us stop in and spend some time with you and Grandmother.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: Like your Mom says, I too am a little behind with your blog, and I apologize.

Theses are really nice pictures!

Love, Grandpa