Thursday, September 30, 2010

Down Syndrome Awareness Month is Here!

Welcome to October - National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Please support me in my 3rd Buddy Walk. 
I'd love to have you come walk with us!!

All money raised at our Buddy Walk stays here in Birmingham to help families like mine and we support the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic at UAB.
Did you know that it is only one of 3 in the nation? (gasp!)   When I'm older I'll need this clinic to help me take good care of myself,
learn job skills and a lot of other skills. 
Won't you please consider
helping us and future me?
Every dollar helps and NO contribution is too small. 

Love, Allie Lovell

P.S. I'm going to WALK at this Buddy Walk. 
Come see for yourself!!

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