Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Early Birthday - But, Not Rushing Allie to Grow

Hannah and Allie
While Allie's Granny and PawPaw were in town for the Buddy Walk, we decided to throw Allie her 3rd birthday party early so they could be a part of it. 

Allie was excited to
see her classmate James
Rest assured, I'm NOT rushing Allie to grow up. 

I am trying to get used to her growing up, though. I'm so shocked sometimes when I look at her and see how far she has come and how much she accomplishes and then I think... where have the last 3 years gone? I guess that is what birthday's are for... looking back at how much you have enjoyed someone and how glad you are they are part of your life.  

Anyway, with all that said... we threw a party and had a lot of fun. And,yes... my baby, is understanding the whole "party" thing. Presents are no longer things I MAKE her open.  Don't get me wrong, she still loves the tissue paper and the empty box a little too much, but she can rip open a package without too much help. 

Our buddy, Madison
Marley, Carlyn and Sheila.
Allie first met Marley when they
were tiny babies in he NICU together!
She also seemed to understand that it was her celebration.  I guess we've gone to enough birthday parties and watched enough DVDs about events such as this that she seemed to get the idea it was all about her.  She did act rather grown up as she sat with her friends and ate her cake. She played and laughed and giggled and swung on the swings and the way fast slide was way cool.

Our Rocker Buddy Noah
It was a wonderful Dora Themed birthday party and we had lots of fun with her friends and Granny and Paw Paw got to be a part of her day.  Of course, I do know she is NOT 3 yet. We have 20 more days before she is no longer my little bitty 2 year old. 
A Fun 3rd Birthday Party with Friends and Granny and PawPaw
Super Girl Flies!

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Anonymous said...

Allie, it looks like you had lots of fun and a wonderful birthday party. I'm glad Granny & Paw Paw were able to join you.
Love, Grandpa