Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Ms. L.Bug Practicing her Walk

A bug crawls on the floor - don't squish her!
Hi, this is Allie and I'm a Bug!  When Mommy brought home this LadyBug outfit I got so excited and signed Bug a whole lot. I love to look at my wings, too!  My PawPaw was here recently and he gave me a new nickname ... he calls me Bug. He says he has seen Bugs bigger than me. He lives in Florida where they must have some really big bugs.  It's okay that he calls me it, I know he isn't picking on me or anything, plus he lets me poke at his beard.  Besides... Bug is one of my favorite things to sign these days especially because of my cool costume.  I'm also really big into Butterflies. I got some wings for my early birthday party and love to put them on and play in front of the mirror.  It is lots of fun. 

Grasshopper Room Friends - Allie & Lacey; Jack; Jack W;
Meri Margaret, Clark, Madison, and James

Allie caught taking candy from Jay's pumpkin
while baby Lady Bug, Kate, watches.

At my school for Halloween this past Friday, we dressed up in costumes and went on a Parade! I got a lot of candy and this year I actually have started to like candy! I ate my first tootsie roll only a few hours ago. It was good.  Mommy said I can't like candy as much as she does and I've seen her eat candy. I don't think ANYBODY can like it as much as she does.  When we went on our parade at school, I got to walk past my old classrooms - the Babybird Nest, Morning Glory and the Sunshine Room. I was so excited (and so was Mommy) to show them I can walk a little. I still need help - but, I can do it only holding one hand and sometimes I hold onto the wall - because we are supposed to do that at school. All the big kids do.  I am getting better at walking and love to practice.
Allie and her teacher, Audrey
from the Grasshopper Room
 One of the most fun games ever is when I sit across from Mommy, she signs "stand up" and asks me if I want to walk. Then, I usually giggle (I can't help it - it is fun!!) and stand up and take a few steps to her. She has counted 8 steps so far.  I really like doing it. I sign again and she picks me up and puts me back away from her and says "stand up", so I do... it is so much fun. Sometimes we laugh so much the dog starts to bark. He is such a silly dog. 

On Halloween Night, I'm probably not going to be a bug.  My Daddy is helping me with a new costume to go Trunk or Treating with. Have you heard of Trunk or Treating? It is fun... we went last year when I was only 1.  It is in a big parking lot - usually of a church - and everyone decorates their cars or their tents and they give out candy. They have music and bouncy things and lots of fun stuff to do and eat.  I think we are going to do that again.  I'll ask Mom to put a picture of me in my new costume up tomorrow. 

Looks a bit like she is doing the Monster Mash,
but it's all sweet Allie!

Have a Happy Halloween!!!

Allie seemed to have so much fun and
spontaneously gave me a sweet
Allie-girl kiss. I love my lil' bug!


Katie B. said...

Cutest bug I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Hey Allie, you are a great Lady Bug! We are so glad to hear that you are improving at walking. Pretty soon you can out-run Mommy. Buy some running shoes Mommy! We love all your pictures Allie. Keep ‘em comin!
Love, Grandpa