Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rock On!

Did you guess what I was going to be on Halloween Night??? I was a Rock n Roll Fan.... just like my Daddy!  
Just gotta dance (or try to walk)


I'm walking!

Mommy said I looked Adorable!  We didn't do a lot of trick or treating. I went to my neighbors house and everyone ooo'd and aaahhh'd at me. That was fun. I blew kisses and giggled and just had fun.

Then, we went Trunk or Treating. Well, we tried to anyway. Seems like the place we went last year was so good that everyone in every town around us wanted to get in on the deal and they all showed up. So, we walked a bit and then went and got a movie. 

It was still fun and the few trick or treaters that came to the house got a lot of candy because we just left it out for them.  At least this year they left the bowl.

I hope you got more treats and no tricksters this year!

Two Rockers


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

Very convincing rocker! She's got attitude with that costume!

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie, we gave out candy to
Trick or Treaters also. (What is your Trick or TRUNKERS?) It was fun for us also! If we left our bowl of candy out like you did I don't know if more than one kid would have gotten candy. :-)
You look great in your costume!
Love, Grandpa Hugh