Sunday, November 7, 2010

Allie says, "It's Time To Walk!"

Allie walking with me at the ALS walk
early October.
For awhile now, Allie has been getting better and better at walking.  Towards the end of July, Allie was showing more and more abilities to stand up - using bookshelves, toys, tables, etc. to help her.  A August approached, she was able to walk a lot more controlled with someone holding her hands.  Since then, she seems to be taking off on her own. Then, just a couple weeks ago - she would stand up, take a few steps and sit down.  It was all brand new to her and us and so very exciting! The first time we really saw it was an evening a few days after the Buddy Walk. We stopped in to see Allie's Great-Grandfather, Art. Clearly she was showing off for him and we were all thrilled.  And now, only a few weeks later she is standing up, walking across the room, turning around, etc.  In fact, she is always signing to us to "walk", so she can practice - with or without assistance.  And then, today she even walked backwards!!  It is a thrilling time for us and I wanted to post a few videos to share this with you.  I know you will be as excited as we are.  Watch out... Allie is on the move and will be giving all of us a run for our money, I"m sure.
Allie using her wings and her walker
to move around on her own.

July 31st. Practicing her standing while Granny
watched from her home in Florida.

October 9, 2010 - Walking in front of our house.

November 7,2010 - Allie standing up and walking

November 7, 2010 - Allie walking backwards - this is new as of today!

May you have a wonderful week and enjoy ever new thing you learn!


LuLu's world said...

So proud of your Allie! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

WALK ALLIE WALK!!! ... The videos of you walking forward and backward in your living room are terrific, as are the ones of you in the street with Dad & Mom. CONGRATULAGTIONS ALLIE! ... WALK ALLIE WALK!!! Love, Grandpa Hugh

Jenn said...

I have chills!!!! So, so sweet!!!!