Saturday, January 15, 2011

Walking into 2011

Happy New Year!
Allie practices and intently watches as she learns a new skill;
here she is practacing walking in her cool snow boots and outfit.

Wow... life has gotten even busier for us. Allie is on the move and anxious to learn more things and do everything. She has gotten her confidence in walking and she is really good at it. Lets see... when did all this begin? If you will recall back in October at the Buddy Walk, she was just learning to walk and still needed to hold hands... but, had mastered just one hand holding sometimes. Then, within just a few weeks she was up and walking around the house - elbows out as she balanced herself. By Christmas, she had it mastered. This week as we were stuck in the house due to the weather, I captured her "kicking her feet" to the Happy and You Know it song. She really loves this new freedom and we are impressed at how quickly she has mastered it. In fact, before Christmas, her Physical Therapist Marliese, commented on how she was very surprised and impressed she was at how quickly Allie had it mastered. She told me that her and Allie and some of the others were on the playground one day and she turned to help another student  and Allie was already halfway across the playground walking around. I wasn't surprised. Allie is so very fast and determined. Oh, and don't worry.... anything tied to our school and therapists and teachers is safe and secure.They have the most amazing playground and there are always plenty of teachers watching all of the kids. So, Allie didn't sneak away... everyone saw her as did her therapist. (I know how protective all of you Allie fan clubbers are!) and all seem to be amazed at our "amazing Allie".

Walking makes it easier to
cook in her kitchen

On another note... Allie is really trying to talk. It seems like her priority included walking and then talking. Because as soon as she was at a good walking level, she began showing us her voice. Oh sure, to many of you it would seem like just normal baby babble. But, we are hearing so many words. She often does her signs at the same time or if I'm not understanding what she said, she will then show the sign. She is even signing along to her DVDs. It is such an exciting time for us and such a busy time.

Allie is also increasing her abilities! As I typed this sentence, she got up, walked over to her (way cool) new bike, got on it and pushed herself and the buttons to make noise - all at the same time. She is mastering toys and doing everything you can imagine... yes, that includes getting a few extra time-outs these days. I'm not really sure if she is learning or we are just getting more trained. She is very independent, determined, excited to learn, intent on learning and flat out FUN FUN FUN! Oh... and she is still the sweetest little girl ever!

End of October 2010
(35 months old)

December 2010

January 2011

 January 11, 2010
(37 1/2 months old)

Here is another video on YouTube you can watch. It really shows Allie trying to talk/sing along to her Signing Time DVD.  It was too long to post here, but not too long to enjoy. I hope you like it!

Sorry it is taking me longer and longer to post these entries. We just keep staying busier and busier and I seem to have more and more trouble with this site. My plan is to go back and catch you all up on some events over the holidays, but if I can't find a way to make these posts easier to publish, I may have to find another site to document Allie's life. Or perhaps, I should post more often and include less pictures and videos and maybe it would be easier.  Either way I go... wish me luck - I'll keep you posted.    ~Sandy

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Anonymous said...

Dear Allie: I've been sitting by my computer waiting for you to show up ... and today you're here! I know, I know, Mom's really busy. Your videos are terrific, especially the long one on You Tube. It seems you hardly sit anymore! Poor Mommy, chase ... chase ... chase. Love, Grandpa