Monday, January 17, 2011

Toddler Bed, Already??

Allie and Hannah O'Brien sitting
on  Allie's 'new' Toddler Bed
Over the weekend, Allie's room got an addition of a Toddler Bed. Melissa and her daughter have lent us their old bed and Allie enjoyed getting on it right away. She played with Hannah on it and sat on it to read books before going to sleep in her crib. The next morning she couldn't wait to sit on it and play... and fall off... and bump her head on the headboard. Today, I finally got around to rearranging her room and she seemed to like the bed in its new location. I didn't know how much she liked it until bedtime.

Let's just say that I'm not so ready for the independent, decisive little girl I will have (she is still a baby!!!). We had gone through a lot of our bedtime routine, but after 100 books (give or take one) she was still seeming to go strong. So, I announced it was "time for bed". My expectations were the same as they have been for 3 years now... we'd rock and give each other sweet Eskimo kisses until she fell asleep or close enough that she would prefer to be stretched out in her crib. However, tonight, my baby promptly got out of my lap and walked over to her new toddler bed, climbed in and fell asleep. No playing around at all.

The only thing about this story is... SHE ISN'T READY FOR A TODDLER BED! Okay, maybe I'm not ready. And, since I"m the Mommy... I"m playing the Mommy Card and I win. She is in the crib now safe and sound.

Seriously... we never even talked about sleeping in it - who does she think she is growing up so fast?!?!


jennhenders said...

Ok, so, Allie needs to have a serious heart to heart with Nathan. Not only does he not want to sleep in his own bed, he doesn't even want to sleep in his own room. We are still working on it. Glad to hear how well Allie is doing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie:
'Toddler Bed' ... already? We better get down to see you soon - this Sprng - or you'll be so grown up you'll be in high school! I remember when your Mommy was in her first 'real bed'. We put pillows on the floor in case she fell out ... and she did ... a number of times. That's just kids learning to take 'the bumps of life'.
Love, Grandpa