Saturday, January 22, 2011

We Have a Ballerina in the House

Allie doing stretches before dance class
(Okay, seriously, Allie is playing before going to dance class)

Allie is the second one on the left
(I'm hiding outside the door actually
thinking these kids can't see me)

Allie had her first dance class the other day. Technically we were just testing it out (but, let's be serious... look how cute she is in that leotard!!) and we will try it out again next week.  But, given the little I saw before disrupting the entire class as I tried to watch Allie (sorry everyone.. I will watch from the monitor out front next time), she was really doing good!

She tried to follow the teacher when she lifted her arms, kicked her feet and moved around.She also walked freely a bit and toward the end seemed to decide that the activity room was simply more fun than dance class. But, I'm very excited in that she seemed to really be trying. It doesn't hurt that she is a huge Copy Cat and does whatever other people are doing (as long as it looks fun). I'm proud of my little dancing girl! 

Oh.. and don't forget...she really just started walking in November without any assistance from her walker or from us.  So, now that I see she is trying to dance, jump, run, etc. I'm even more amazed at how quickly someone can learn to do something when motivated. I guess independence is a strong motivator and Allie knows it. 

Allie at Grandmother's house after her first class.
On another note, we stopped by to see Allie's Great-Grandmother (Tim's Grandmother) on the way home. We have been blessed with the opportunity to spend with her lately and have really enjoyed it.  Tonight I was especially happy to witness them playing a fun little game together as I cleaned up after dinner and loaded up the car. It helps that Allie was strapped into her booster seat and couldn't do her normal constant moving activity.  They both have really been enjoying this special time together and I'm very thankful for it.


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

Looking good, Allie! She'll be in Swan Lake before we know it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My Dear Allie ... I thought you did great with your ballerina class. I especially liked that you were 'one step ahead' of the class in sitting down while they were still doing 'their thing'. You are quite a dancer! Love, Grandpa