Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just Saying Hi Everybody!


It seems life is moving so quickly these days... my tiny baby is now a tiny dancer and I sometimes comment how heavy she is getting.  I think we hit the 23 pound mark - but, honestly, we just don't seem to pay that close attention anymore.  She is now in pretty much 18 month clothes, but we can still wear some 12 month, so maybe that happens to allow me to hold onto my little baby longer... and we get more wear out of some darn cute clothes! 

Silly girl looking for the silly dog

Allie loves her toys

one of Allie's favorite bedtime books

Allie is really trying to talk these days... some words are amazing me... we can tell exactly what she is saying. Others are still a mystery as is some of her signs.. if you miss what she was looking at or doing, you miss the word. But, she is enjoying practicing with her voice almost as much as she loves to "Move and Groove".  Oh, my! We have a runner, walker, marcher, spinner, dancer, almost-jumper, wiggler and giggler in the house! It is so much fun to watch her learn and develop and her personality just keeps shining through. But, what else did we expect from our Amazing Allie, right?

Here are just a few snapshots to show you that sweet, energetic, silly, happy, loving Allie.Have a wonderful Valentines' Week.. eat lots of candy hearts!

I love this little grin

stretching is very important to a dancer

right, left, right, left... I think she's got it!

We love you, Allie!
who needs warm weather to go for a stroll?
Not Allie and Little Baby Allie

Yes - Allie knows that Daddy is very funny!


Anonymous said...

Always fun to see more pictures of you Allie. Love, Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Lil’ bit loves the adventures of growing up & 'play time'.