Saturday, March 12, 2011

Driving and the iPhone

March 2011 - Allie in her classroom with
her friend "Lela" - Officially called Bella.
In my pitiful attempt to go back and blog about the last few months - particularly the Christmas holidays, I'll start with this story. I was reminded of it today when we stopped by the Apple store to have my iPhone looked at since it's been acting up a bit lately.  We had Allie in the stroller as it is best to keep her somewhat contained in such a store.  As many of you know, Allie LOVES our phones. She listens to her videos on them, plays games, sometimes seems to find her way out to the Internet and is suspected of sending emails, texts and deleting FaceBook friends.  While we strolled around the store, she had Tim's iPhone up to her ear as she listened to some music. I quickly realized how this looked as everyone that saw her made comments, laughed out loud or did a double take. She clearly looked like she was just on the phone - no big deal.

December 2010 - Allie and her Dora Bike
Anyway, that reminds me of how she first learned to "text and drive".  While we were in Florida visiting Allie's Granny and PawPaw (a/k/a my Mom and Bill) they gave her a WAY COOL Dora bike.  As is customary with the majority of toys they give to Allie.. it talks... it plays music.. it's loud. I think Paw Paw is behind that one. But, Allie loves anything that talks to her, so the bike is a regular favorite.  We took these pictures while in Florida the first time we took the new bike outside. She enjoyed sitting on her bike, playing with the iPhone.  She was in her own little world. 

Who is she texting?

As sad as it seems... I'm thinking this kid is either going to inherit my iPhone in a few months or I'm going to have to buy her an iPod.  Crazy isn't it? They really do have some wonderful applications/games for the little ones these days. Allie has one game (app) that has about 8 words that range from 3-5 letters in the words. She has to slide the letters over their corresponding letter. When she gets them all right, the word is pronounced.  One day I realized she had completed them all really quickly, I started to pay more attention and realized that she can consistently complete all of them within 2 minutes. 

Wow!!  I bet I would have been BRILLIANT had I had these things when I was 3. 

That's my kid - using both hands to drive,
but not letting the phone get too far away.
Allie - 3 years old. Dec 2010

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Anonymous said...

I love your new talking bike Allie.
It is really pretty! You look so grown up on it. The story of you using your cell phone in the phone store is funny. It is great you are doing so well with your letters and spelling words.
I LOVE YOU ALLIE! ... Grandpa