Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Last Week as a Grasshopper

Allie at  3 1/2 years old

Well, as you can tell from the number of blog entries this year, things are moving quite fast around Allie's world.  There really isn't a lot of time to do much more than anything Allie wants to do. And, honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. But, fear not.. this blog is NOT over. I will be updating ... and going back a bit to document what you've missed. I've been taking some notes, so we are in good shape.  But, before much more time passed, I had to talk about this week. 

At Allie's school, things are busy as ever. Some of our older friends are graduating on Friday and the rest of us are "moving on up".  Allie has been in the Grasshopper Room since last August and the change she has made is remarkable. In fact, all of our little classmates have just grown and developed by leaps and bounds!  We have completely loved having Ms. Audrey, Ms. Lacey and Ms. Diana as our teachers, mentors, guiders and often - Mommy Therapists.  They really are such loving and caring individuals and Allie is going to be sad when she realizes she won't get to be in class with them everyday.  The Mommy is already sad despite knowing I'll most likely fall in love with the new teachers right away, too.

Last Week as a Grasshopper 7/25/11

First Week as a Grasshopper 8/9/10

Today as I entered the classroom I saw my little girl and her friends all sitting calmly in a semi-circle watching Ms. Lacey teach them some things on the computer.  I stood and just watched.  I really don't take Allie's advancements for granted, but despite being very aware of how she is doing, sometimes I'm still pleasantly surprised. Today was one of those days. Allie sat in her chair and participated as much as everyone - which was a lot. She said (and signed) the letters as Ms. Lacey called them out. She got excited when she knew she had it right.  I remember a year ago walking in to pick up Allie and while the others were all in their semi-circle (okay, not ALL the others, but I did have blinders on) behaving (well, I thought they were), my Allie would be doing what she wanted where she wanted to do it.  Of course, afternoons are a little more relaxed and she needed it and was only given a small space to be "free".  But, still, I wondered when she would be able to participate in the same way for more than a few seconds.  It didn't take her long of course, she's gotten more focused, more able to follow instructions and more excited to be part of the group every day.  Still, today, it was so wonderful to watch her before she saw me and see her learning and interacting just like the others.  Then, of course, the moment she saw me still fills my heart with joy every single time she breaks into her big smile and runs (not crawls or scoots as she did 1 year ago), but runs to fall into my arms for her hug.  She has really come so far this year and grown so much. 

             Graduating Grasshopper & Ms. Dianna.

Early Grasshopper - time to get the chair

As she decided to walk down the hall - a few steps ahead of me - the nurse asked her, "Allie, where are you going?", Allie looked at her rubbed her fist down her cheek and said HOME.  (the sign and the word).  I, again, am reminded of how many times we've asked her question after question to try to get her to understand the question and answer it and now as if she's understood her whole life, she flat out told Nurse Cindy she was going home.  I can't help it.. the fact is, my girl is brilliant.  :-) And, I'm one very very proud and blessed Mommy.

My farmer girl has fun wherever she goes.
We find out tomorrow which classroom my little girl will be in.. will she be a Bluebird or a Shining Star?  Of course, I know that answer, just not sure if the school does (get it... she is a 'shining star anyway!!).  (I think I have the classroom names right).

I do promise I will update the blog and I still thank you all so much for being so interested in my little girl and the amazing progress she is making.

Allie hopes this summer has given you some chillin' out time.

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Glad she is doing so well~ love the picture of her in the pool with her sunglasses on! She still has that big ole smile.