Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Allie is a Butterfly

First Day as a Butterfly

Well, we've moved on up and are now in the Butterfly Room at school.  We jumped right over the Shining Stars room (despite clearly being a "shining star") and became a beautiful Butterfly.  We did take a week off between being a Grasshopper and graduating to the Butterfly Room. Allie and I spent a lot of time together and honestly, I was exhausted before the week ended.  I know, I tried to do too much with my Sweetie. But, all in all we had fun and I'll upload some pictures and stories of our Mommy/Daughter week hopefully soon. For now, I thought I'd introduce you to her in her new classroom. 

Allie and her Daddy in the Butterfly Room
Allie, Tim and I went to meet her teachers a week before she entered her new classroom and she fit right in. During orientation she played with the toys and I was an overexcited Mommy.  Daddy was there to make sure Allie had lots of love and attention while I attempted to listen to our new teachers - Ashlyn and Erin. Both who we all like already. 

Allie took to cleaning the room and
all the parents during orientation.

First Day after helping the tower to fall.

So, what is Allie doing these days?  Here is a bit of an update
* She loves to sing to her DVDs and her CDs.
* She is saying a lot more words
* She is silly, sweet and loves to play with her toys
* Favorite toys
    - Baby Dolls. She is gentle with them as she rocks them and then she flings them across the room. 
    - Leap Frog Little Leaps - it works with the DVD player and she has to press buttons to make it
      continue. She likes the Jumping Game most of all.
    - Leap Frog Word Jammer - She loves to play with the ABCs (yep! She knows them all and can sign
      most of them, too).
    - DVDS - Signing Time, Baby Signing Time and Baby Read (officially known as Your Baby Can
      Read). She asks for them by name and loves them.
* She is eating more and more different foods. We've added Pizza as something she seems willing to eat along with Candy, Ice Cream and Cake. Of course, we still stick to the favorites at home - Mac and Cheese, Chicken, Mashed Potatoes.  For more fun food we had Ritz Bitz, Chips, and Cheetoes.  (or signed by combining "cheese" and "toes").

Okay... more later from my little Butterfly!


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Grandpa Hugh & Granma Connie said...

Hey our Little Butterfly, let's continue to excel in school and soon you'll be in First Grade. Love ya! ... Grandpa