Sunday, August 21, 2011

We'll Just Wait in the Car

I like to find fun where I can in the midst of our crazy-busy life.  So, sometimes when we need to stop and run into the store, I like to suggest that Lil Bit and I wait in the car. As most of you know - with a 3 year old.. it is sometimes easier to wait in the car anyway. Allie doesn't usually request for us to buy something for her (yet), but I get carried away with showing her everything and then there is the for sure possibility she will want to walk - and touch all the neat things in the store. And then, she will wave at everyone and make a lot of new friends. All of this means that a quick run into the store is anything but quick. So, I like to volunteer to stay in the car when I just don't have the energy. Or, like today when I was in my bathing suit. Sure sign I don't want to go into the store!! 

While waiting in the car, Allie and I had a little photo opportunity which resulted in a lot of giggles and loud laughs. I forced her to listen to some semi-country music and we sang and laughed and I snapped pictures which got her giggling even more. I really can't get enough of this little girl and wanted to share our few minutes in the car pictures with you.  I can't wait to update you on our swimming pictures from this summer. She has gotten so confident in the water and enjoys being in the pool so much. I'll have to get a movie clip of her as we enter into the YMCA and she sees the pool. Pure joy crosses her face and she gets so excited and signs swim over and over.  And, as we leave and drive past the pool, she waves and says bye bye to everyone (or maybe just to the pool?). But, that will have to be another post. This one is all about our time out in the parking lot while Tim ran into the store.

Have a great week everyone!

Life is Fun!!!


Jenn said...

Such sweet pictures!...and I so understand volunteering to stay in the car! Whew...makes life so much easier!

I hope you all are doing well!

Grandpa Hugh & Granma Connie said...

Yep! ... Funny, Interesting, Sweet AND Amazing! That's our Allie!

LuLu's world said...

love all the many faces of Allie!