Friday, October 3, 2014

More Alike Than Different

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Fact #2 - based on my own experiences

More Alike Than Different – that is what Down syndrome means to me.  For example today I wanted to get Allie to say her ABCs for me at dinner.  She knows them well, so this was just supposed to be something fun to do. But, like her typical peers, she doesn’t always want to do what a parent thinks is fun. So, she says “no”. I tease her.. “oh, you don’t know your alphabet? How sad”. Her response was delivered with so much sweetness and concern you’d think the Alphabet was a real person.   “Awww...poor Alphabet… so sad”.

She has a funny sense of humor; a silly sense of humor. She is so unique it amazes me and she is so typical it amazes me as well. In fact, when I have to leave her with new people now I find myself telling them she is a “very typical 6 year old”. She is. She loves to read and play and will watch TV until I have to force her away from it. She wants the music on and she wants it loud. She wants to sing along. She wants to hear it again.  She wants to do it her way and will find a way to get you to agree.  She loves anything and everything Disney – except the Disney movies I suggest. See a pattern? Independent, free spirit, fun-filled little girl.

Oh… and I can’t leave out compassionate. She cares so much for other people it really does make you stop and wonder just what is in that extra chromosome. She teaches others how to love and ease up on life with a single hug or sometimes a wave.  She is first to hear a crying baby from anywhere in the vicinity and will look at me with all the seriousness she possess and lets me know that she needs to go take care of it.  She has literally almost pulled babies out of their Mother’s arms – with a gentleness and confidence that makes us all wonder how she learned these behaviors.

She is a true gentle spirit with an independence she is learning to control - with the help of all those adults around her who I’m sure pray daily for patience like I do.

Yes, we have our hands full, but our hearts are even fuller.  Down syndrome – I must have done something right to be rewarded so greatly.

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