Friday, October 3, 2014

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Happy National Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

I want to congratulate the state of Alabama and Governor Bentley on the decision to declare October 1st officially as Down Syndrome Day in Alabama. It is an honor to be a resident of a state that recognizes the importance of promoting awareness for those with Down syndrome. This, of course, leads to acceptance and is an excellent way to advocate for them.

Fact #1 - based on my own experiences
Having a child with Down syndrome will mean that your heart will immediately grow at least 100x its initial size and you will find yourself documenting every amazing moment as your child amazes, blesses, entertains and teaches you new things each and every day. You will go to bed exhausted but filled with love and more thankful than you could have imagined.

I know I am blessed...

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