Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Allie Meets Her Granny!

Oh what a treat! Allie's first babysitter was her Granny - my Mom. Mom came in from Orlando to meet her sweet Granddaughter and to help me out a bit. And oh was it a help! I believe now is a perfect time to remind all you Non-Birmingham folks that this is a great place to live. :-) Birmingham has something no other city or town has... ALLIE LOVELL! While my Mom was here for about 10 days, it really wasn't long enough. I know she was sad to leave this cherub little girl and I was sad, too. It was a help to have her here and to be able to ask those questions that you never think to ask until you have a baby in your arms. Mostly, it was just fun to have her here and share Allie with her. Nicky also was excited to have his Granny here and he showed her how good he is with Allie and that although he is a bit jealous at times, he doesn't ever get aggressive. He just pouts sometimes... yes, a doggie can pout if you can imagine that!

We had a wonderful time and Allie charmed her Granny. Allie even settled down for feedings a bit. Typically, Allie gives a whole new meaning to the word 'squirmy' when she is eating. I've been meaning to catch that event on video to amuse anyone not currently attempting to feed her.

Great Grandmother also visited her little Angel as she appropriately calls Ms. Allie. We grabbed the opportunity to get a 4 generation picture, too. Yesterday was Allie's 3 month Birthday. Sorry we didn't send out party invitations, but we had fun and just treated it like a normal day. Allie is doing well and acting pretty much like a newborn - sleeps a lot - gives us many looks and expressions to show us she is taking it all in and gives us those adorable smiles. Nights are going well with her, but doctor's orders require us waking her up to feed her. I thought you were never supposed to wake a sleeping baby!!??! Oh well, means we still basically get 4 hours of sleep, but no one seems to have told Allie to cry and act poorly for us, so she is still getting lots of praise and all is good.

Allie wishes you all a wonderful day and says... Granny.. come back!!!
Hugs and baby kisses from Allison xoxoxoxoxoxxo


Trisha said...

I thought it was about time for another update! I am so glad you are doing well Allie! I can't wait til my picture is up there again when I come visit you!

Love you baby!

Love, Auntie Trisha

Grandpa said...

Hey Allie ... it was great to see your pictures with your Granny Elaine and Great-Grandmother. They sure seemed to enjoy being with you!

Your pictures with Mom & Dad were great too! We love you and can't wait until Granma & I can come and spend some time with you!

Love, Grandpa