Saturday, February 23, 2008

We Found a Baby Sitter!

Finding a sitter can be a complicated thing. Most people we know work during the day either away from home or at home with their children. Right now we are keeping Allie close to home and f a r from germs until she can have her heart surgery, so anyone with children is unfortunately not going to be able to help watch this sweet girl. This has caused us a bit of a problem when Mommy and Daddy had to return to work. So, we searched and searched and finally we looked close to home and look what we found....

Yep, she is still sleeping

What do you all think? Before you make any comments, realize... he is very affordable, he loves to give attention, he is available during day time and he is very attentive. We think this is perfect! Oh.. he is great with babies, too. See for yourself from the pictures Nicky picked out....

I'll protect Allie. We love to watch TV together.

Like the outfit I picked? Oooh... diaper changing time.
Just checking on her. Yeah! I love walk time!
Okay... before you call ASPCA or DHR (probably not in that order, right?). This is just a joke. No babies or puppies have been hurt or emotionally scarred during this blog. The puppy, however, may be upset when he realizes he is not in fact a true brother nor is he allowed to babysit. (So, let's not tell him, okay?) He can, however, forever serve as a faithful pillow during TV sessions and a lifetime best friend for Allie.
Obviously, the puppy-baby situation is going well. Allie has yet to drink out of his water bowl and Nicky has yet to even look funny at Allie. Allie has gotten a few licks from him, but despite many of you saying "gross!", we are fine with it and she is surviving just fine. In fact, the other day, both were sitting in my lap (yes!) and Allie let out one of her famous "waah" cries. Nicky immediately turned his head to look at her, licked the side of her head, she stopped crying and he looked away. His job was done. He kissed the boo-boo and she was happy again.

Oh... any doctors reading... we put Germx on Nicky's tongue, so don't worry so much.

Have a great weekend!
Nicky and his family


Trisha said...
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Trisha said...

Allie! I am so glad to hear that you are getting along with Nicky! I didn't know that you could put GermX in a dog's tongue though!

Well I'm glad that everyone is taking good care of you til I can get there and hold you!

I love you Allie!

Love, Auntie Trisha

Anonymous said...

Awwww, how sweet! I wish our dog would warm up more to Marley. I guess it will just take time, but Tazzi still acts afraid of Marley. Nicky sounds like a sweetheart!!

Love the dress, but no, we don't want it back. You guys can keep it - it looks so cute on Allie!!!

Take care!

Sheila Wilkes

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you guys are adjusting to family life without any problems! I'm so happy that you are all doing well! Allie is beautiful and getting so big and I'm glad she loves her brother! Believe it or not, she will out-grow her finicky eating habits!!!

We enjoy reading your blogs in NICU! We miss you all. Thanks!

Love, Linda