Sunday, March 2, 2008

I love visitors!

Last week was so much fun for Allie. While Mommy and Daddy went to work, Allie had a visitor - Aunt Sharon! Sharon had a blast with Allie and she helped out so much as we were able to get a few things done and two full nights of sleep! Whew! That is the best present any new parent can get! Sharon got to know Allie very well during her stay and seemed to enjoy the break from her own busy life. Sharon was also able to add some completed scrapbook pages to the book she made for Allie. Of course, I'm jealous as I've not had any time to print pictures much less scrapbook... but, the day is coming... I can feel it! (Allie will probably be 12 by then, but I'm still hopeful the day is coming!)

Allie is doing wonderfully. She is still a finicky eater, but has her good meals and her "I'm not eating any of that" meals, too. It is hard to get frustrated because she is just so darn sweet! As the weekend approached, Randy and Kristin came to visit, too. Auntie Kristin changed a diaper and fed Allie a few times, too. This little girl has just won us all over!

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Anonymous said...

Well Allie, You sure have been busy lately. Meeting so many new people in your life. We were at your 17 year old cousin Chad's birthday party tonight and told Aunt Maureen (who you will soon meet) to give you a kiss for us. we hope to see you real soon. Love, Granma