Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Sunday

So, what is a typical day like for me? Well, since I can't get out much yet, it involves a lot of time at the house or in the neighborhood. Today I kept Mommy and Daddy busy. I wasn't much into naps today so we played and ate and walked and just hung out all day. We took a few pictures of me in my Christmas outfit that Mommy at one time thought I'd fit in time for Christmas. Hahahaha. It is a newborn size and it is still a bit big, but it was one of the outfits I wore today anyway. While we took pictures, Nicky was jealous, so he was able to get in the chair with me. He rocked the chair a bit, but I was okay with that. After breakfast, Mommy told me that I made a major mess and so it was Bath Time. She had to whisper the word "Bath" because Nicky loves a bath and he barks and jumps in the tub if she says it too loud. Anyway, I got to try out my new blue tub for the first time. Daddy came in to help and he washed my hair, too. I looked great they kept telling me. Mommy kept sniffing my hair and telling me she loves how good I smell with the lavender wash we used. I do get a bath a few times a week and she says the same thing, but today we had all day together, so I heard this a lot!

Then, we played a lot - in between my acting hungry and then not eating so much. Actually, I did pretty darn good today compared to other days. It just seemed like as soon as we got done eating, got cleaned up, did a couple things, then I was hungry again. I'm a growing girl, you know! I like to play on my activity pad, too. It has a mirror with a baby in it! I like to talk to the baby and she talks back, too! Watch me play!

Then, I was suppossed to be sleeping, but I didn't want to be, so Mommy put me in her carrier and then took more pictures (This Mommy sure uses a camera!) I love my new hat!! I liked the carrier for about 10 minutes until Mommy tried to update the blog and then I didn't want to sit still. She then held me and played my lullabies and well.. I fell asleep for about 20 minutes. Now, I'm up again and begging for a meal.

This was my Sunday. I hope yours was just as good. Night night!




Trisha said...

Allison! I wish I could sit around and play with you all day! I am glad you are having such a good time at home...but I think your Mommy is having a better time than you are! I love you and I miss you very much. I can't wait to see you again.

Love, Auntie Trisha

Katie said...

Allie is getting to be such a big girl. You guys have been in our thoughts and prayers. I cannot wait to meet little Allie in person! You will have to check out LeLe's blog at