Monday, March 10, 2008

Aunt Maureen Comes to Town!

Guess who I met last week? My Auntie Moe-Moe!! She is the greatest! She got me to eat a LOT of my milk. I tried to tell her that she has to move here to make sure I eat, but she must not have understood. She kept making noises at me as if that was what I was saying. I just don't understand adults at all! While she has been here we've had a lot of fun. We even had a snowstorm! Auntie Moe-Moe didn't seem scared at all. I think she brought the snow from Chicago. She even laughed when she saw our snowstorm was over just a little after it seemed to start. I tried to tell her that this is Alabama, we aren't used to snow. Even I know that and I was born almost yesterday (hahaha). But, again... this whole communication problem we have. She just didn't get what I was saying, but she kissed and hugged me a lot anyway, so I didn't much care. She clearly understood some of what I was saying. While she was here we had the snowstorm and perfect going for walk weather, too. She loved our pretty sunshine and 70 degree days. She said she won't see this kind of weather for weeks in Chicago. I also showed her all of my toys and we've played on my play mats and listened to my music, too. I learned a new trick, too... I've got a thumb and it fits PERFECTLY in my mouth! Mommy thinks that Aunt Moe taught me while she was at work, but I really figured it out on my own you know. I also slept a whole lot while she was here. I think she wore me out, but it was so much fun hanging with her. She reminds me of my Mommy for some reason. She had to go back home Monday night. I was sad all week and stayed awake a lot this week waiting for her to come back. While she was here, she called me the sleepiest baby she has ever seen, so I tried to be awake alot more so she would come back. I talked to her tonight and apparently she has decided to continue to live far away. I'm practicing my cute face so maybe she will change her mind. I can't believe she is going to leave me alone with just Mommy and Daddy and Nicky. I guess I'll have to learn to speak more clearly so I can call her and tell her about all the fun I have at home and how much I miss her.

Auntie Maureen.... if you are reading this... come back soon. Mommy can't do the Moo, Baa, La La La book like you. It just isn't the same. But, she does try really hard and I smile just because.

Little Allie.

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Trisha said...

Allie! Auntie Moe is so lucky to come hold you! I can't wait to come see you again! You are getting to have quite the personality, and I would like to think you have gotten your typing abilities from your Auntie Trisha! Good girl with the blog, but you really should update it more often Allie! We should work on that next!

Well I love you little girl!

Remind Mommy to give you lots of hugs and kisses from Auntie Trisha!

Love you baby girl! Auntie Trisha