Friday, March 14, 2008

I miss my Daddy!

While life has been fun with Mommy... I really need some Daddy-time. Where is he, you ask? Oh.. he is quarantined in the other room with the flu and bronchitis. Yep, Mommy and Daddy haven't let too many people come visit me because they could be sick and until my surgery, I can't get sick. So, I guess Daddy went and got the sickness and brought it here. Everyone is all worried about me getting sick and that just isn't an option they say, so Daddy with his yucky illness is staying away until it is gone. I really miss him, though. He stands outside the room and gets to look at me, but that is it. He says "hi girl!", but I miss the head rubbing that usually goes with it. He is the best hugger in the world and I just am not getting my fill of Daddy hugs!! It can make a tough cookie like me cry, you know!

It has been a traumatic week for me. (okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit like Mommy - traumatic might be too strong of a word), but Aunt Maureen left on Monday and that was so awfully sad, Daddy has been sick since last weekend and even Nicky hasn't been around me. He has been taking care of Daddy, so I haven't seen him much either! Mommy has been a lot of fun, but she says she is tired and sometimes she asks me really nice if I would like to take a nap. I'm not usually in the mood to when she asks, but I consider it anyway before I let her know that her timing doesn't work for me. She tells me that she knows I'm driving this bus, but I don't really know what the heck she is talking about. I do like to pretend I'm going to take a nap and then as soon as she gets in the shower I like to say HI MOMMY! That is what I call "babyfun". She has been able to get some work done because I'm very good and am quiet and sometimes nap then, too, but when she takes a break... I'm all about being the center of her world. It is my job to keep her entertained whenever I can. I know she misses Daddy being around so I'm just trying to help.

Thursday was a big day for me. I went back to my cardiologist, Dr. Johnson, at UAB. Nothing much has changed they said -other than they say I'm even cuter now! I still have to have heart surgery, but they reminded us that this is very common surgery and I'll recover really quickly and then I'll feel much better when it is all over. We don't know exactly when I'll have the surgery yet. It should be within the next month. It will be here in Birmingham at UAB - which is really well known for its excellent surgeons. I'll keep you posted on when the surgery is scheduled. I know I'll be more comfortable knowing you are all thinking of me. Mommy and Daddy will be happy to know you are thinking of me, too.

Well, it is Saturday and I'm sure Mommy has big plans for me. We had a nasty thunderstorm last night and Mommy and Daddy whisked me out of the bed. I could have cared less, but Mommy seemed much happier holding me. We even had hail and lighting and thunder. I slept through it. Perfect baby sleeping weather. I'm up now, though... so time to play!

More on my excitement later,

Love, Allison B. Lovell


Trisha said...

Allison! This goes from the cutest picture of you (the sleeping one) to the saddest picture of you (the one of you crying)! I am glad to hear that those doctors think you are the cutest baby, although I already knew it, but if a doctor says it, it just validates my feelings! Keep me posted on everything little girl!

I love you!

Auntie Trisha

Katie said...


I love your picture of you sleeping...what a precious little girl. I know that you are going to do fine for your surgery. Please know that you are in our prayers. I cannot wait for you to meet LeLe! I am so glad that you liked your presents. It sounds like you are such a good baby and isn't that thumb good!!


Jenny G said...

You are in our prayers with your surgery, Allie! And Sandy, I feel for you, it's tough when the daddy gets sick!

Sherry said...

Precious!!! Times 300000000, she is!!!

I am going to commit to pray for the little dumplin's surgery! I'll keep checking back, but I am having a hard time keeping up with these blogs. Everyone else has their friend's blogs on their page somehow, I am sure I'll figure it out soon. But go to my blog and look at my pics!!!! I need some help narrowing down the field!! And then I will have a link to your site always handy!!

That baby is so sweet!!! Pretend she isn't wearing green and give that cheek a pinch for me!!! :)