Sunday, June 30, 2013

Artist For A Day

For years we have heard about VSA  Alabama - This is the State Organization on Arts and Disability.  Our Pediatrician hosts a VSA Art Partners event once a year and since Allie was just a few months old I've waited for our invitation to be partnered with a local artist to paint with Allie. Allie has gotten a taste of the VSA program this year in Pre-K because every Monday an artist comes to her school and they all have a lesson and create some artwork. But, today, we were able to be part of Dr. Cortopassi's Art Partner Day! 

Unfortunately, Allie was extremely tired and I saw this as soon as I went to get her out of the car.  When Allie is tired or hungry, it can be a challenge to keep her focused.  Luckily, she wasn't hungry, but there was no getting around the tired part. I can only guess we have another growth spurt coming as she didn't do a lot all morning before the event.  We met with our artist, Tracy Oliver, and saw a picture of the painting we were going to do.  It involved a lot of circles!  Allie did really well with the circles, but quickly decided the painting was done.  We pushed on and she did more circles with Tracy's help. But, then, my artist threw in her own style  - which all amazing artists should do. So, we now have "running circles" as her Daddy calls them.  This was done with amazing speed and precision - no paint brushes was harmed and Allie's hands will eventually return to their proper color. :-)  I actually like it.  She did it her way. Tracy even included Allie's style by adding a hand print and thumb prints were used as flower petals.   The painting will be auctioned off (hopefully) in August to raise funds for this program. It really is a great program and I pray we get an invite again next year. It will be fun to see the changes in Allie as well as in her artwork.

It was fun to see some of our other friends while we were there.  I'm impressed with so many of these young people and it is fun to watch them all grow into amazing individuals - some with some terrific artistic ability, too. 

thanks, VSA for a wonderful program!

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