Wednesday, July 17, 2013

She's Growing Up!

5 1/2 year old waiting to see the ENT
Not only did we reach a milestone of 30 pounds today we reached a milestone with our doctor visits this week!! Yesterday, she willingly went to the ENT and sat in the chair and let not one, but two doctors look in her ears!!  She sat so impressively still that it makes me completely forget about the episode of running around the waiting room and telling me she had to go potty 5 times only to not have to go when we got there.  Now, because of the fact that her ears are still incredibly small and her being still really means she isn't completely still. There is some fidgeting and a bunch of "all done comments" being told convincingly to the doctor.Therefore to get a really good look, we did have to papoose her to look into her ears with the microscope.  That, too, went better than ever before. No one got kicked, shoes stayed on and only some yelling (which I heard her to say "I hate this!!").  Good news is the ears are in great condition! Both tubes are in place (oh yeah!! going on 6 months with the same tubes... new records being set everywhere!)

My sweet and so SILLY Allie
Bad news is we don't know why she is refusing to wear her hearing aids.  I'll admit, I was less than impressed with the doc when he quoted a fact of how less than 50% of the kids with Down Syndrome wear their hearing aids.  Clearly he doesn't really know Allie or me for that matter (despite him seeing us for 5 out of the 8 ear tube surgeries!).  He said until they know they need them it is hard to make them wear them.  I, of course, as Allie's fierce advocate clearly let him know that Allie knows she needs them because she asks for them. Her NOT wearing them is unique.  We didn't go through the past 5 years of teaching her to wear them to give up now. I still have recollections of those baby bonnets we had to put on her to keep her "ears" in.  I hated those bonnets and didn't go through that to just throw in the towel when she just decides she doesn't want to wear her ears for a few weeks.  His only suggestion was perhaps it was just a behavior issue.  Gosh... hadn't thought of that one doc (says the "I'm tired of this conversation Mom"). So, we got the audiologist involved, who by the way will never be quoted as saying anything remotely similar to "just don't make her wear them". 

Remembering those baby bonnets on
my 18 month old baby.
We decided to break the piggy bank and buy more ear molds. Perhaps the ones she has had for almost a year are just not feeling good anymore, despite the fact they "looked" good to the trained eye.  Now, the thought of putting Allie in a chair and getting an impression of the inside of her ear was never something either her audiologist, Ashley, or I wanted to do if we didn't have to. But, we both felt we had to do something.  Kindergarten is around the corner, speech is happening all the time and additional clarity is so close we can feel it.   So, we decided to do it. Allie and I went in bright and early this morning. I read her "how to get ear molds" book over and over and tried to get her excited about the color of ear molds. Yesterday she said wanted Green (not my favorite color) and then changed it to Red (my favorite color).  Either way, I felt we can just say we are ready for Christmas a bit early. 

our first ear mold impression at 8 months old
We got in there and I tensed a bit as I wondered how this would go... visions of previously ruined ear mold impressions danced in my head.  Ear molds that perhaps never really fit right because just before being completed a tiny little Allie hand would grab it out and the decision to "go with the mold" or "try it again" had to be faced. I remembered tears, screams, kicks. It isn't a painful process by any means. Maybe a bit uncomfortable since it resembles sticking Playdough in her ear by use of a small plunger and then waiting as the mold dried. But, for Allie being held down - even with the slightest hint of the idea she might not be able to get away could cause her to go into a determined to get loose and get away panic.  Before I could worry too much I saw Allie go sit in Ashley's chair (repeating one of the pictures in her book "Yeah, Me!!"). Ashley slid on over to her and asked to look in her ear," okay", said Allie and boom... before you know it, both ears were looked in. Then, it was time to start the mold. Allie asked to sit in my lap for this and I saw no problem at all with that.  It went better than ever with just a "bear hug" each time. Then, as each mold dried the brilliant audiologist reenacted last years wonderful trick of a walk down the hall... one of Allie's hands in each of our own. This year was complete with one... two... three... jump!! and Allie forgot why we were walking in the first place.

My BIG Girl! I'm so proud of you!!
After the molds were done I showed Allie the color choices - still secretly hoping for another softer less obvious color - I've always tended toward the clear, pale yellow, pink, purples... but, what does my kiddo choose? Red.  Again, my favorite color (in anything but an ear mold?) and as Ashley pointed out - perfect for football season. They will go great with her Crimson and White Cheerleader outfit (Roll Tide!!). And will be perfect for Christmas.  Plus, she acted so amazingly wonderful she could have chosen Green with Purple polka dots and I would have gone with it happily! 

I really am proud of her. She keeps us on our toes and I do think we may have some "I just don't want to wear them because you want me to wear them" behavior going on. But, regardless she is doing wonderful and is acting perfectly 5 years old.  What more could a Mommy want? (other than to get to stop buying diapers, right? - hey.. we are close, though! And, if I had to pick I'd say being able to sit and participate in a doctors appointment is better than secretly having a diaper on ...sssshhhhh. No one needs to know a thing).


And a special shout out to the WONDERFUL Mommy of another extra-special little boy. As Allie entertained the waiting room participants with her silliness - with Mom in tow - this wonderful and clearly understanding Mom helped me by offering to plop Allie in her lap to watch a cartoon on her son's ipad so I could get us registered without extra silliness.  It was a wondeful random act of kindness.

Sweet Allie Hugs to All of You!

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Auntie Moe Moe said...

Great story. I love hearing about a day in the life of Allie and her mom. She has come so far. What an awesome mom she was blessed with. Thanks for sharing. Miss you guys!